Emissions Testing

Our emissions testing consists of a thorough 5-step process

  • On Board Diagnostics – We begin by checking your vehicles on board computer. Many vehicles made in 1996 and after contain computers that allow us to download diagnostic information that will help us determine if your vehicle is operating efficiently.
  • Tail Pipe Exhaust Test – We measure the levels of harmful pollutants that come from your vehicle by placing an analysis probe into the exhaust pipe of your vehicle. This is done at idling speed and high speed, simulated by revving the cars engine. This test measures carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Pollution Control Test – Next, we verify that all the parts of the vehicles emissions control system are in proper working order and any connections are properly secured.
  • Pollution Emissions Test – During this test, we check that emissions from various places in your vehicle such as exhaust and gasoline are within acceptable levels.
  • Gas Cap Pressure Test – In the final test, we ensure that the gas cap is holding a tight seal. This prevents harmful vapors from your gas take escaping into the atmosphere. A properly sealed gas cap will also help improve your vehicle’s gas mileage.